VW Jetta video rerun

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Hey, with the writers strike and all, isn’t everybody getting used to reruns?

And when it’s beautiful work as this video, why not watch over and over?
I still do not like the new Jetta. I drove it again since my last review, and I find the engine still rough and noisy.
And the interior design still looks as cold as if no humans were involved.

The exterior still looks like a Japanese car, so there is not point anymore to get the VW….

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  1. Compare, believe it or not, the better looking sentra which is bigger , wider , longer and of course better quality! and advanced cvt technology….

  2. Burlapp, I sent you a new video of the VW Routag, what happen?

    I don’t think the Jetta is ugly but what car is really great looking for that price? A Corolla? Not….

  3. EMB, at that price point the Mazda 3 is the best bet and best deal considering price, performance, and styling. Let’s face it – the only reason anyone buys the Jetta is that they have some odd need to know that their vehicle was designed by a guy in √úberfettenbauch, Germany, rather than some guy in Tokyo, Detroit, or Seoul.

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