VW Scirocco details

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It’s blurry but it’s the real thing.
The official word from VW is still “not for the US”.
But I think after this makes all the US magazine covers when it comes out in Europe, quite a few people over here might be interested.

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  1. that is not the real thing , this has been around for couple of weeks and proven to be fake on every single blog/ web site around !!

  2. You will note the 4 window switches (scirocco needs only two) and the fact that the interior shot is clearly from an eos and has no roof.

  3. german engineering , as they sell it, is a scam. They employ engineers from all over the world and employ as many germans as any other company. That being said, they don’t rate as well as Japanese cars (except toyota who builds garbage now).Take a mazda or nissan any day over this crap!

  4. Might be interested till they swallow the pricetag. In the US, the Genesis coupe would eat its lunch on the lowend and G37 on the high. Not to mention all the other players in the 2 door $30-40k section this car will doubtlessly occupy.

    It could complete in euroland as VW’s pricing is not soo skewed there in the face of the competition.

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