What makes the new RL look good

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This is what we could have ended up with .
Or maybe this is what we WILL end up with in a couple of years.

If this is what Acura has in mind when they think of a luxury sedan, they’re in big trouble.

By the way, I’ve heard that Acura’s US designers have actually seen this video. (I posted it last year).
And it made them laugh. So at least they have a sense of humor…

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  1. i think acura is doing everything just right, i sell nissan/infiniti and am very happy that they are allowing us to own these segments by putting out this kind of stuff. A big Thank You to Acura designers, keep up the bad work!

  2. I’m not sure what people expected with the RL, its just an MMC. The design was old to begin with and then they had to shoehorn the new grille into it. Its just an MMC, I’m sure the FMC will be more in line with the TSX, which I think is a nice looking car.

  3. Hey, that’s great about Acura’s US Designers knowing how to laugh. But does having a sense of humor make up for lacking any sense of design? Ha, ha?

  4. It’s like asking…

    would you
    A: Rather have sex with a drug infested HIV positive prostitute
    B: Have sex with 20 randy unwashed male prisoners….

    Somewhere someone’s got to make a choice in the face of two horrible choices

  5. very funny clip…as an acura dealer i will play this for our sales reps the next time they’re in

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