2009 Honda Fit

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Good news all aroud. The US only gets the larger 1.5 Liter engine.
16 inch wheels on the Sprort model, as well as navigation and iPod integration.

Plus, we will get the AWD option.
With rising gas prices, I can see this getting very popular in the US.

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  1. The U.S. doesn’t just need more cars like this, Americans need to drive them. The new Fit should be out today, not this fall.

  2. Now, if Honda would only get off their butts and play catch up with the rest of the automotive industry and start to offer 6 speed automatics on their entire lineup, maybe fossil fuels would be around for a few more decades and people would save more of the green stuff! Wasn’t Honda the leader in innovation a few years back and not a follower?

  3. We will get the AWD? Are you sure Vince? It would take sales from subaru in the US northeast in that were true.

  4. That would all be great… if it wasn’t so damn foolish looking. Honestly, would it be so hard to make a car small AND stylish? An absolutely ridiculous looking little machine that utterly fails to engage the driver emotionally in any way. I’d rather ride a scooter.

  5. It looks weird like it got into an accident.

    I have to disagree with the comment about Honda and their lack of 6-speeds being the primary cause of shrinking fossil fuel reserves. Even with 5 speeds most of their cars get better MPG than their competitors.

    They make the cars. People drive them. Wanna save fossil fuel…ride a bike on your trips less than 5 miles.

  6. Guys-Guys-Guys – We all know Honda only hires stylist who graduated the Pokemon School of Design.

    This is an exellent effort and will be purchased by little people who watch too much TV and refused to grow up from Saturday morning cartoons.

  7. Wanna save fossil fuel…ride a bike on your trips less than 5 miles.

    Yes, and there are many ways to save “fossil fuel.” As you mentioned, riding a bike is a great way for starters. Turning off lights when you leave a room is one, too. Not lugging around a gas-hog SUV 99% of the time for selfish solo trips to Starbucks or the mall is another.

    This car makes sense for most everyday trips which is the point of the conversation.

  8. Anyone who calls petroleum oil “Fossil Fuel” is an idiot. There is no such thing as fossil fuel.

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