2009 Nissan Maxima

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Just “teaser” pictures for now.
And they don’t show that much.

They seem to really want us to know they are using again the nickname “4dsc”, just like they used to on the early Maximas in the US.
So I guess the message is : Sporty. Not like the Avalon.

Let’s just hope this one doesn’t look like a bigger Altima…

We’ll see the whole thing next week.

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  1. If this thing doesn’t have AWD and remains FWD while pushing nearly 300+hp and 270+lb-ft torque, I don’t think it’s going to be a 4DSC but more like a “4 door torque steering monster”. Where is the Spy King? Hey Spy King, what say you.. AWD or no?

  2. eat me out this is perfect what a machine I can’t wait I may blow my top waiting cmon give me more baby

  3. Interesting, thanks Vince.

    I hate that overhang on the trunk. I don’t know why manufacturers insist on putting cosmetic crap on like that that do nothing but disrupt the flow of the design. For example, the new G sedan and coupe has that terrible chrome bulge in the back. Nasty.

  4. one of the things i found most objectionable about the current Maxima’s design was the tail lights. clearly they were originally supposed to be next to the trunk, and were moved, with a filler panel inserted between the lights and the trunk opening. awkward. this looks just as bad, sigh. nissan does so much well, and then they mess up (new Rogue, etc) on the details or body shape. anyway.

  5. here I am there is no awd in year 1 , but diesel and awd by 2010, just wait till you see the rest’ “its a horn dog” I will be with it New York

  6. here I am there is no awd in year 1 , but diesel and awd by 2010, just wait till you see the rest’ “its a horn dog” I will be with it New York

  7. It looks like nothing more than a mild refreshening of an otherwise pointless vehicle. What place does the Maxima have in the Nissan lineup when one considers the new Altima? 4 dr sports car? I highly doubt it with FWD and too much torque steer. The Maxima is nothing more than a more expensive yet uglier FWD sedan from Nissan. I’ll take the Altima over this overpriced pig any day. Unless Nissan decides to turn the Maxima into a real competitor to the Buick Lucerne, Hyundai Azera and Toyota Avalon they might as well put it out of it’s misery.

  8. go check out the spy-shots of the new maxima in the snow, the gigantic front overhang just SCREAMS FWD.

    my guess is they are trying to make this thing more of a acura-tl competitor than the real “4DSC” back in the nineties. the tl-s is already packing nearly 290 hp to the front wheel, not to mention it costs $40k. but heck ppl still buys it.

  9. when this car is unveied by us on Wed. in NY, you will see a real sports sedan that will beat out all others in almost every area. we overuse the “sets the bar high” phrase in this business, but in this case, it’s true. Nothing toyota/ Honda make in either of their lineups, including Lexus/Acura, can touch it up tp $50,000…….just wait!

  10. Perfect spy shots of the 09 in the thread below. I do not like the current one, because the rear overhang makes a very odd and disproportionate profile. But, this one looks a lot more promissing.

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