2009 Nissan Maxima

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At least from these pictures, I would call this a disappointment. After all these talks about “rethinking the concept”, maybe doing s sort of “4 door coupe” etc….
They just did the exact same thing they did the last time: a bigger Maxima. Again.
Sure it’ll be a very nice car. But visually, it looks like an cross between the Altima and the new FX front end.
The interior looks great, but very much like an Infiniti.
And there are so many lines and bulges all over the car. It looks pretty messy and complicated.

This is just too bad, I was really looking forward to the new Maxima being something special.
It might be really good, but special is the last thing it’ll be.

Good luck to them trying to sell more of these when the last one wasn’t really a hit.
Making the same mistake and expecting different results….

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  1. i think it looks pretty nice. the headlights really distinguish it from the rest. the body lines are curvy and 3d. I liked the last gen maxima. i think nissan got it right that a slow progression instead of a completely new design for the fmc is the right way to go. especially when last gen was beautiful. the dash and navi layout is starting to bore me though. all nissans and infinitis have the same ones. it makes me wonder if owning an infiniti is worth the extra few thousand for a similar design and just a different badge? something for nissan to think about. good move for nissan, bad move for infiniti.

  2. Agreed. The Maxima seems to get uglier and more ungainly with every new version. It also seems Nissan is still wandering around looking for a front end identity. Who knows, mehaps one day they’ll find something attractive.

  3. I disagree, I this this is a major improvement over the current design and just a little shy of being at the Infiniti level. The car also looks very JDM to me instead of American only. I’ll see it in person shortly.

  4. Wow Vince-usually I’m with you 100%. In this case I think the new Maxima is a HUGE improvement. Much better then the past 2 generations…and much nicer looking than the usuals from Toyota and Honda…

  5. The New Maxima…..its not what I expected either Vince. But its better than what I expected as well. I thought Nissa for sure were going to Introduce the Nissan Intima Concept from the Tokyo Motor Show as the New Maxima….you remember that Monstrosity right? Well from the photos this New Maxima is shorter than the outgoing model? And it doesn’t look like the Altima on steroids. But I do agree if its truly meant to be the “4dsc” it should have laid low on the luxury feel.

    The Front headlamps different but will grow on people. I love the rear of the car, and the side profile. Truthfully it does look better than the outgoing model. With this car lets not call it Nissan Maxima though it is more the like the resurrection of the Infiniti I35 especially with that Infiniti like shnoz.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 it gets a 7.

  6. wow, thats bad. the rear lights are more on the sides than on the back. the front is also a step down.

  7. You must be blind, because this thing looks like nothing else in its class. Actually looks aggressive

  8. Take a good car (Altima), pimp it out with lots of crap, and sell it for too much money. And why not? It worked for Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac for years.

    Well, not so much for Olds.

  9. I feel that this new Maxima is an improvement over the last gen which I think was UGLY as sin. But yes, it’s a disappointment. I expected more of a change from Nissan.

  10. Well.. Ive thought about this car..
    a) I do not get the front end of it. Its unique, which I’ll give Nissan props for.
    b) The body of the car looks like a Lexus.
    c) The taillights look like they came off a Civic.
    d) The interior is too Infinity.

    However.. it is different.. and people will buy it because its a Nissan and Japanese cars are still (but not by as much now) better than American Cars – save for Ford and Chrysler, because Japanese cars will always be better than them. This could go well head on with the Aura/Malibu since instead of the voluptuous euro curves this has more of the Japansese boxy-curve look which stands out.

  11. Ah. Here is where my opinions contrast and completely clash.

    From the front: a unique twist from the dead Infiniti Q45, not bad.

    From the rear: A mix of S-class, Toyota Yaris, and Honda Civic coupe. Somewhat strange but it’s ok.

    From the side: WOW. Original! Gorgeous!

    So, my verdict: I could criticize Nissan for being unoriginal with the exterior design, but I’d rather not because this mixture actually works for the Maxima. I’ll be glad to see this design gracing our roads soon.

  12. Do not like it at all. Way too busy. I thought only Honda could ruin previous designs but Nissan is quickly catching up.

  13. Can you imagine the cconversations at the nissan design studio…”Now it looks good marky, don’t change a thing…lets go out to the playground and play on the swingset..OK jimmy? And keep your thumbs up, you dont want to get cooties from the girls”

  14. this car look just as good or as ugly as the avalon/ES350/TL. actually perosnally i think this car actaully look more distinguished than all those 3 cars. not to mention that ES and TL are constantly the best selling premium cars in north america.

    but one thing is certain, this is NOT a 4 door sports car, and this is NOT a 4 door coupe like the CLS. cars like this and the passac CC with their wrong wheel drive and GIGANTIC front overhang simply can’t pull off the fast-back look that qualify the CLS as a real 4d coupe. the result of which is a pretentious “flatter large car” silly look that passat cc and this thing have.

  15. Ouch,that hurts. That needs something, maybe a different designer. This is derivative gone insane. Two thumbs down.

  16. For a “four door sports car” this is an extremely conservative design. It does look very nice (even quite elegant from many angles), but it comes across as mid-lux type sedan (sort of like Nissan’s version of a Lexus ES350). I think Nissan should have come up with something leaner, edgier and racier … something that would have hearkened back to the 1989 to 1994 Maxima (ie, probably Nissan’s best interpretation of the four door sports car).

  17. this doesn’t compete with camry or accord ignorant people, its a better car than a lexus or acura that cost 5 – 8 thousand more, on comparison tests you will be shocked. Don’t forget, its brother is the GTR!

  18. Ridiculous, this car’s connection to the GTR is only the Nissan name.
    It’s like saying the Cobalt is connected to the Corvette.

  19. I’m surprised by the “mixed” opinions…
    cuz I think it’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!
    the strangest part (& THAT’s saying something) is that some of it’s many, many themes could possibly be attractive
    it’s like the ‘designers’ phoned-in their various ideas
    the secretary who put them on paper, unfortunately, was not only on drugs
    doing schnapps’n’glue.

    The side shot is the least offensive only because most of its mix of bulges & angles are minimized
    you can’t see the completely unrelated circular foglites
    equally unrelated square-ish grille and fascia opening.

    The interior could be worse(except for the steeringwheel)
    I’d never want to get close enuf to this thing (let alone touch it) to get as far as the inside.

  20. The Maxima used to be such a great car, until the current model… what happened, Nissan? This is just a further disappointment. Apparently American manufacturers aren’t the only ones who can inexplicably ruin a good thing.

  21. All I can say is WOW. Even though the Nissan I drive is a piece of crap, I’ve always loved the Maxima. I even like the current Maxima probably more than most. I was really looking forward to seeing what they would do with this car but now I am speechless. Maybe its the pictures but this car looks ugly…

  22. The front end is OK, but those headlights, ugh! The side is OK. The rear looks like the old one should have. Yes, the NAVI looks Infiniti, but looks at the knobs below, they are a direct copy of the 2009 Nissan Murano!

  23. The rear: Not bad. B+
    Side Profile: Unoriginal and Common. C
    Interior: Nothing newsworthy. Nothing offnsive. C+
    Front Clip = An aborted Bangle design: Total failure. F
    Performance: TBD, but potentially very good.

    Overall this design is a bit cobbled-together and incoherent. It might be a tough sell for Nissan as long as the Altima sedan sits next to it in the showroom.

  24. Hey Nissan,

    The 07/08 Rav4 called and wants their front grill back.

    Between this, the new Murano, the Rogue and the Sentra – it’s pretty clear Nissan has lost their styling game.

  25. Vince you are getting very cocky, it’s not as rediculous as your picture. The cobalt is like a sentra and I am not saying the sentra has anything to do with GTR now am I? You are a rediculous person to discount Nissans Largest and Highest powered sedan ever by your pre formed opinions. The Maxima’s brother “is” the GTR and there is pedigree and engineering at this level that carries over. You must watch your comments or you will quickly lose credibility. Wait to see if you are allowed to drive one and then tell us, oh dear lover of GM.

  26. Most of the sheep commenting on this car can’t afford one. I have seen the car in the “flesh”. it is very handsome and strong looking. It is a shocking surprise to drive.

  27. Hey GM boy, this is a car GM could never build. The Quality, fit/finish, performance (without a big block, old tech. v-8) and overall driving pleasure. If gm ever built a car this good, GM would be in great shape. Nissan builds the best cars for the money on the planet. Find another car for this price and stats, and looks, and performance, there does only exist nary a one!

  28. i have to agree with nissan spyking. this is the GT-r brother. they tested this maxima in germany and was developing this car at the same time as the GT-R if you read the press relese on the car alot of you will have a different opinion. as far as the design i like it its different it stands out and its agressive. and with 290hp and 261 torque it is a big improvement. this will be a hit and it is back to its 4dsc root and have the technology from the Z and GT-R.

  29. thank you for agreeing with me, although I only speak facts and the truth, therefore don’t hate to agree with me, just consider yourself as intelligent.

  30. GM was developing the Cobalt SS turbo at the same time as the Corvette ZR1 and both underwent testing in Germany. Does that make them brothers?

    The only thing the Maxima has in common with the GT-R is the basic engine architecture, some switchgear, the Nissan badge, and fasteners. Oh yeah, they both also are made of plastic, glass, tires, and gasoline.

  31. WOW, the new Maxima is made of GASOLINE!!! (had to) ..Yea it is a disappointment as far as styling. Its definitely not an UGLY car but its not attractive either. The problem is the car is not distinctive. Who ever made the “CLS” quote should be slaughtered for getting our hopes up. The car is suppose to have cues from the GT-r (i kinda see it in the grille) but it looks more Lexus/Toyota with a mix of ______ than anything else. Not a solid design and sure not worth the wait or hype.

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