Another story about an asshole car dealer….

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Yes, another one.
Just click on the title for the whole thing. I won’t explain it here.

And if you want to see the actual E bay ad, go here:

Thanks to Richard for the story.

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  1. that idiot deserves what he got this is america ne and you re not supoosed to spend that much on a focrappy foreign car

  2. and the description on ebay has a mistake:

    i states that the m3 has double clutch, which is wrong!

    it has a regular 6 gear manual tranny. the dual clutch is an automatized 2 clutch tranny…

    on top of winning the bid the guy can also demand to have a car with DSG delivered, or whatever BMW calls it!

  3. Thats right this is America and we are a country which is run by the rule of law. If this douch bag dealer is allowed to get away with this kind of crap than how can you trust any buisness transaction (unless ofcourse you have a billion dollars and an army of lawyers). Imagine being quoted a price on a car, any car, and when you sign the contract they decide you up the price just because its not to their not making enough money. That is bull and that is what it comes down to.

  4. douchebag jones, now I know why you’re a douchebag. Last time I checked an agreement on e-Bay is an agreement and the dealer backing out on this one should be punished for this in some way. I wish the guy would post the phone number of the dealer and people who don’t like to see businesses welsh on their deals can call and harass then until they honor the deal. Dickheads. BMW USA should also be made well aware of this. BMW does care about what their dealers do because they also represent the brand. I hate welshers.

  5. ^Yes DJ, you act like a bigotted, redneck stereotype, when in reality your a middle class nerd in his 30s trying to do social parody; we all get it by now, dude, it’s just not funny.

    Find something else to parody, because you really kind of epic fail at this one.


    Anyway regarding the actual post, for those who did’t read through the whole thread – after getting slammed with calls and complaints from internet readers, the dealership has agreed to sell the car at the auction price, but with “conditions” that they haven’t clarified yet the original poster. He has to travel to them to find out what these conditions are. My guess? They still have no intention of honoring a deal; they’ll have a laywer there and will try to scare him with claims that sicking the internet mob on them is harrassment or blackmail.

  6. eBay should have a legal team dedicated exclusively for this: to make sure that everyone involved honors the deals, and take immediate action when someone, be a buyer or a seller, bails out. This would be beneficial for eBay, because it would give users a greater feeling of security, and would probably increase business for them. Everybody would win

    And about douchebag: I know free speech should be allowed and all that, but still I really think you should stop approving his posts, Vince. They never contribute anything and only annoy everyone.

  7. Well go to every internet site you can find and post your story and mention the name of the dealership. Ask people to write, call email the dealership with their opinion of this “mistake.” Bad press isn’t always good press when you are selling cars. You might even drop a note to Corporate BMW!

  8. I suggest everyone sends the seller and email on ebay and tell them that we will get the news out to everyone. I did. Made me feel better! 🙂

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