Audi A5 Convertible

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Still just an illustration. But Audi designs aren’t hard to guess.

I sat in a couple of A5s recently and was very impressed. The interior is pretty amazing, and the whole thing just looks great.
I just wonder if the convertible version will be a hard top or not. In that price range it pretty much needs it to compete with cars like the 3 series convertible and the Volvo C70. Even the next Z4 will have a hard top.

No matter what, this will be a great looking convertible. let’s just hope Audi in general do get more reliable.
They have been having plenty of electric and electronic problems for years. But that goes for most European brands.
I guess the wise thing is to lease when you get a European car….

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  1. if audi would sell some diesels over here, there would be a whole different story

    america in 2008 is like america in 1970

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