Audi Q5

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These are supposed to be shots of the real thing.
So there it is, the most boring and unoriginal looking SUV/Crossover/wagon this year.
It’s even amazing how much they didn’t even try….

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  1. Come on, Vince. You know if they would have made it too dramatic it would take away from the Q7 sales.

  2. It got the family resemblance. boring as it might be and if the price is right, it will march out the door in record number.

  3. You would figure with the launch of A5 they would go with something more daring or even attractive. This is such a yawn.

  4. I think all the major car manufacturers are way too conservative lately. Of all the majors, what a turn of events it is that the GM family is the most progressive.

  5. Yeah but at least the dash won’t look like it came from a Zastava Yugo. I’d take boring over hideous, Cough GLK cough!!!

  6. Boooooring, even more dull than the Tiguan. Heck i even prefer the ugly GLK, at least that has some personality. Ford should import the Kuga to NA cause it is by far the best looking and more exciting of the lot

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