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The al new Z4 is due pretty soon.
What you can’t see on this illustration is the new hard top convertible. Similar to the SLK, or the much cheaper Miata.
Finally, the BMW won’t be that claustrophobic to drive with the top up.

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  1. BMW’s designs have always seemed to bore me. Could it be because ALL THE CARS LOOK IDENTICAL TO EACH OTHER???

  2. Very sleek and muscular design. It looks like they corrected the weird front and profile of the current car. Hopefully it will be at least as sporty as some of its less expensive competiters like the 350Z. Because for what BMW is asking they better give you more than just another status symbol.

  3. Huge improvement over the current awkward looking Z. HUGE! I’m still on the fence about hardtop convertibles. Most of them look bad with the top up and have four unattractive cut lines in the roof. The rear 1/4 of the car also has wide hips to accommodate the lid, and have no trunk space with the top down. I still think I prefer the look of fabric tops.

  4. You are dead wrong about having NO trunk space with the hardtop down !
    How do I know this ! I am an owner of a 2007 Miata hardtop convertible ! I have been able to get 2 golf bads in the trunk with the top down ! But whether the Z will be able to offer much space as the Miata with the top down, remains to be seen !

  5. The old one had way to many accent lines and look like a mess. This seems to straighten out some first gen mistakes, but this car should have received a whole new design.

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