Cadillac CTS Coupe

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The production model has been caught on the road, already.
And as you can see on the pictures from Car and Driver, it looks pretty much the same as the Detroit concept.
Which confirms what the Cadillac people told me when I was there.
And look, it seems that they even kept the center exhaust design .

here is the concept.
Click on the title to see all the pictures. And look how close the production model is to what they showed us a few weeks ago as a concept.

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  1. Its pug-ugly! It’ll seel heaps in the first 8 months on the novelty basis then that’ll be it.

  2. I hope it sells like hell the first 8 months and then stops, because I love teh car and want to pick one up in year 2.

  3. Designs like this, combined with some really nice drive trains, is helping Cadillac and GM in general crawl out of its grave. What I like about this design is it is both original and daring. Will the base model drive as sporty as some of the German and Japanese V6 competitors, maybe, maybe not. Will it be confused for any other coupe on the market? No. Those that say this is ugly, please look at the Accord Coupe. Now that thing is a mis-match of lines, curves, and bumps that only a mother could love.

  4. Gidiyup,
    Unless I am totally mistaken, could that rear picture from LLN be a picture of a coupe convertible? Look how the tarp stays relatively flat going toward the front of the car. It does not slope up as much as I would expect it to for it to be covering the coupe we see pictured. Maybe they have the roof cut off and that is not pointed out in the LLN article.

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