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GM is making sure you can make your new Camaro really ugly if you want to.
They will offer a bunch of these “accessories” like spoilers, side skirts etc… All of them ruining the understated original design.
The lower part of the car pictured here is still made out of clay. So the final thing will be black.
Still. Very vulgar.
But I guess when you are in the “muscle car” market, you gotta appeal to as many people as you can….

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  1. These add ons do ruin the classic lines of the car. But hey, if I don’t want them then I don’t have to order them. I’m really looking forward to seeing this car on the street.

  2. I guess there will always be those people who will insist on taking a perfectly attractive car and uglifying…I mean personalizing it. Man, this really does look bad.

  3. This really reminds me of the late ’80s mustangs with the different body kits that you could add to the GT 5.0. Man, those things were ugly. I remember how the plastics would fade at different rates, so the car would look like it was 5 different colors, when it was intended to all be the same shade of grey or black.

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