Camaro Convertible production pictures

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They do look real to me.
I notice the slightly smaller wheels. So this should be the more popular V6 version.
And also, for the first time, real headlights. The other spy pictures from prototypes only show us the temporary headlight set up used for testing.

This car looks exactly like I though it would: just great.
I can’t wait….

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  1. You aren’t the one that does 45 in the left lane, are you Vince?

    It is a nice car on a great chassis. The interior is going to suck though.

  2. Where are the reverse lights? Spy shots have shown them built into the bumper below the tail lights. I’m starting to think these are photoshops.

  3. Normal sized wheels look fine on this car. This is a really nice looking auto especially in convertible form. Should be a big seller. As nice as the Mustang is, I believe I prefer this.

    The front end and the taillights are the worst part of the new Camaro. I wish they could work on that whenever GM freshens it next time. Not all that crazy about the shark gills behind the doors, either. Seems unnecessary.

    The last Camaro was a complete styling joke and this new one helps erase the memory of it.

  4. this will be one of the best car on the market period wil teach the foreign crap how to make real cars

  5. I hope they improved the interior ALOT from the earlier photos. I did’nt mind the retro theme but I thought it looked real goofy. If this is a production version it looks pretty good and just what I expected.

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