Challenger R/T V8 and SE V6

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For those who want a V8 but don’t want to spend $40 000, here is the R/T. Still with 375hp.
And for most, who don’t really need more than a V6 with 250hp, here is the SE.

And yes, the assy blue photoshop picture of the Se is the official deal….

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  1. Nice, a drop with some decent rims, the car will be smoking. The mud gaurd up front is begging to be taken off.

  2. I’m so glad others have said it. Kia interiors are 100% more interesting. It looks so plastic-y and cheap. But I do love the rest of the package.

    Thanks for posting this!!!

  3. is it too late to cancel this dodge??? you will be embarassed , it will be a major flop, big time! there are only so many country bumpkin rednecks with a job.Pull the plug now, it’s your last warning and don’t say you weren’t warned.

  4. jauques le Post said…

    tout plastique

    The original was even worse. I don’t know why adults are swooning over this thing.

    Mid-life crisis?

  5. They should’ve brought back the General Lee 10 years ago. I think I am getting my fill of this neo-retro styling.

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