Chery A6 CC

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One of the best Chinese concept is heading for production. And from these pictures, it looks like it will stay really close to that concept.
Which I think was designed by Pininfarina.
By the way, CC does not mean it’s a hard top convertible. This is just a hatchback coupe.

Here is the concept. In case some of us had done the unthinkable: forget what it looked like….

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  1. check out those “quality” panel gaps on the doors and hood. That thing looks like it has been in a rollover.

  2. for once, douchebag jones is right. China is a communist country that strangles freedom of speech and abuses its people. China also encourages the production of counterfeit, or harmful products with its lax laws. By allowing them to make cars and sell them in non-communist nations, we are pretty much condoning their government, and its tyrannical, oppressive ways.

    Also, china’s fucking up the environment big time. Just thought I’d get that out there.

  3. So Communists aren’t allowed to build cars but Fascist states are? I’d buy from the Chinese long before I’d buy anything from the US. Hell I’d rather see the Iranians get my money for one of their Khodro cars before I paid money to Americans.

  4. I’m no fan of what American foreign policy has been doing the last decade but if you think we are bad multiply it by 100 and then you get China. So to say you will buy one of their products over one produced in the U.S. like the Camry, Tundra, etc. means you are not in touch with what is really going on in the world. Plus i would’nt want to be the person to test just how bad these things are in a crash. But if your willing then be my guest.

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