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This is one amazingly close Chinese copy.
I guess with all the weird Chinese copyright laws Toyota can’t do anything about this.
I wonder if the Chinese maker will have the guts to seel it in europe.

Another Chinese manufacturer is actually selling their bad copy of the Smart in some European countries.
The thing is, it is just a little bit cheaper than the original. Not half or anything.
Why would anyone bother???

For those of us in the US, here is the real thing. The cute little Toyota Aygo also sold in Europe by Peugeot and Citroen.

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  1. Something has to be done about these ridiculous Chinese copyright laws, the shameless ripoffs are a joke.

  2. It’s a despicable rip off, but the Chinese did one thing better than Toyota’s version. The hood opening (cut line) starts at the top of the grill instead of 4 inches above like the Aygo.

    The Smart-copy headlights look better, too, than the Aygo’s.

  3. It’s actually the back that looks really close.. You should’ve posted a pic of the rear of the toyota one too..

  4. if it costs $100 dollars, i’ll buy it! i am homeless, however i have been able to save that much in coins. a nice shelter for me! no monthly fees either…i plan to live in it, not drive it.

  5. No shame… BYD is actually one of the worst Chinese companies in this respect, they seem to sell nothing but copies.
    The back of this is actually closer to that of the Citroën C1/Peugeot 107 than the Aygo

  6. again, the same old topic, Chinese copy japanese, korean copy japanese, japanese copy German…… and so on… whats the big deal??

  7. I don’t think it’s like 12:37 PM says. The Koreans or Japanese in the past, when they were learning, may have done impersonal designs which sort of aped the proportions and general appearance of cars from more established manufacturers, but they didn’t copy specific models down to the details like the Chinese do. It’s a different thing.

  8. And we are surprised about this why? The Chinese knockoff everything… Montblanc pens, Rolex watches, handbags, CDs and DVDs, fine jewelry. They even copy incidental things like branded batteries and toothpaste. Of course it’s all inferior garbage produced to third-world standards. A little cardboard filler with your meal perhaps? There is something really wrong with the way the Chinese culture does business this way. The Japanese auto industry did copy the Germans pretty closely. But because of their high standards of quality, they end up increasing the competitiveness of the entire industry. That’s a good thing. The Chinese are just selling crap to the lowest bidder. This is not helpful to the consumer.

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