Cobalt SS Coupe

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Now with the same engine as the HHR SS Turbo/Solstice Turbo etc…

I am sure it is a pretty nice powerful small car. But after my drive in a regular model last year, all I can think is how much it needs a new interior.
At least a new dash. maybe next year….
The seats on the SS look great, and the coupe has always had a really good design.

I was invited to drive this. But the drive was on a track. Myself, I drive on streets. so that’s where I like to test drive cars.
And report to other humans like myself, who also do most of their driving on streets.
Plus, I was really busy…You know.. That Hollywood thing…

But I will try to get my hands on one, and drive it…. On the streets…

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  1. I am very interested in your review of this model, you are like the GM reviewer now lol. But I want to see how this does on the streets vs a track where all the car mags will focus on.

  2. The interior of the Cobalt is abysmal. Two of my co-workers have one, one an SS and another regular sedan with leather. Terrible vehicle.

    Vince, big miss for you not to take the opportunity to drive this on the track. This further hurts your image.

  3. Vince – I hope that do you get the chance to drive the car on the street, and that your model is equipped with the manual gearbox. I know you typically opt for the automatic, but there are certain cars that you have to recognize were meant to be outfitted with the manual trans in order to best experience them. I’ve driven one of these before, and they’re actually a lot of fun to drive. And personally I don’t understand the gripes that everyone has on the interior. It’s not innovative, but at least it’s not horrid, which for a small GM car is a step in the right direction. The seats look great, and the overall design of the dash resembles the last generation Jetta. If you do get to drive one of these, remember that this is one car that begs that you “drive it like you stole it.”

  4. This car looks great. I just saw pics of the 4 door and it too looks great. Tons ‘o bang for the buck here. From what I read this car set a new record at “the ring” for subcompacts. Good job GM.

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