Dodge Challenger SE V6

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Just a better picture of what wil end up being the best seller.

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  1. another winner for the great chrysler corporation this wiil be one of the best selling car next year people will surely wake up and dump their hondas for this beaurty

  2. Comparing Honda to Challenger is like comparing an economical chicken to a thoroughbred race horse.

  3. Man…even the V6 looks great. I’m no fan of the Chrysler corp. but I gotta say this car looks good.

  4. look at the old fart beside it, last month he told you toyota was the best, now because of toyotas huge # of recalls he ran away to chrysler and is telling you to buy one of these because they were hot in 1970, wtf ? does he think he’s in any way credible? No shame, i guess he learned that at toyota during the sludge problems. Jim get off the press baby, you are old and way past your prime. it’s embarassing now.

  5. is that true? that old monkey singing and dancing beside that crappy car is an ex toyota exec? if so , he should retire, old people should sit by a fire and read a book . It’s time to settle the fudge down Jimmy boy.

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