Even more Maxima pictures…

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Still no “no black” interior…

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  1. I just realized that the taillights, if you flip them upside down, are the same taillights on the current generation civic coupe. And if not exactly the same, its pretty damn close. I should know, since I own a civic coupe.

  2. I’m not disgusted like I was in 2003! I don’t mind the Q45 front end at all…this turned out pretty nice! However, what makes it better than an Altima? (A conundrum I’m sure Nissan never realized back in 2002)

  3. That front-end shot is not flattering. And I just realized what the rear lights remind me of, a Yaris sedan.

  4. Now that the US economy is officially in the dumpster, there won’t be many sales in this market segment this year.

  5. This car will not help Nissan’s sales. The front is very amateur-hour. Overall, the design is just very me-too.

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