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Another one we won’t be getting.

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  1. Vince said, “Another one we won’t be getting.”
    R U sure?
    I mean we know they won’t Import it… but when the global platforms become really-global & made in NA?

  2. I would be surprised if we didn’t get it. Nice looking, make it reliable and with good gas mpg they could sell 100K.

  3. I have IRREFUTABLE (I hope I spelled that right) evidence that this WON’T be sold in the USA. IRREFUTABLE I say….IRREFUTABLE!!!! OK here it is. It looks great. It looks like a great replacement to the Escape. And because it looks great and probably performs and drives great, we WON’T be getting it. Make it boxy and slap some cheesey chrome bars on the front and then we’ll get it. Until then forgetaboutit.

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