Four door GTR Illustration

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Some people still think Nissan might base a 4 door Infiniti on a stretched GTR platform.
Again, why not.

Infiniti sure needs something different in that segment.
So a really sporty sedan might just be the ticket to stand out. Like a cheaper Porsche Panamera….

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  1. Get rid of the front black bumper and make the front end cleaner and sleeker and I’m sold. Er….uuuhhh….I guess all I need then is the money.

  2. Everyone is going to feel foolish when the Panamera FLOPS. Or perhaps not. But more than likely the Panamera will suffer from Pacifica’s Disease…even before it’s released. The Pacifica solidified the CUV segment, but it couldn’t keep up…and the Chrysler minivans are hanging by a thread and are heading down the same path. It’s not 1983 and 1995 anymore.

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