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It’s alive!

It does look good, for those who can get used to the grille.
The V6 will sell pretty well. But again, with rising gas prices, I don’t think any versions will sell as much as the current models.
The “heavy not so roomy Crossover with a big thirsty V6” is becoming a thing of the past. Or it should be.
When gas gets to be $4 or $4.50, most people will think twice if they really need over 300hp.

The V8 will just be an odd status symbol. With lower and lower sales every year.

These guys need to get on the hybrid bandwagon, fast….

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  1. Your welcome for the link, Vince!

    The best way for gas to become dirt cheap
    if the govt. bans the sale of gas for 1 day. Not only
    will this make OPEC cry but they will never think of selling gas at crazy prices again.

    We need a president that has the balls to bully
    those knuckle-draggers.

  2. This car looks great. It has a nice evolutionary design. Also, I still think there is a market for high power cars just for the sake of bragging rights. The people who want a high power car generally don’t care about the price of gas.

  3. I also agree that this looks pretty nice, seems to be even prettier than the current one. I was shocked when I saw the two spy shots that only showed the lights, must have had a bad angle on those. Pictures of the real thing seem great and this video confirms it even more.

    I think the V6 will sell, but I’m personally looking forward to the 3-liter diesel that they’re supposed to be developing for Europe.

  4. I was at an Infinity dealer recently and I asked if there was a hybrid in their pipeline. The salesman nearly scoffed and responded with “we’re a performance brand.” I thought it a rather stupid answer seeing as Lexus was able to produce a compelling hybrid on their big LS. I think a performance hybrid – or other alternative fuel system – would be a very smart thing to at least prepare for.

  5. Gorgeous SUV and such a great evolution of the current design. There is nothing like it in the market. And for those who do not understand economics, oil prices eventually will go down, when policy makers stop printing and flooding the market with dollars….in about 10 years!

  6. I usually agree with the ecologists and am all for hybrids and diesels and against the indiscriminate use of gas-guzzling SUVs by people who don’t need them, but I just can’t argue against the FX. It is too friggin awesome. I love this car and I can’t wait to (finally!!) see it on sale in Europe. I only wish I could afford one.

  7. the FX35, the coppper/orange car in the beginning of the video, was shown as well. and why in the hell are they driving on the wrong side of the road?

  8. To the idiot that posted first:

    The price of oil has been steady for years. It’s the value of the US dollar that has taken a nosedive which makes the cost of imports (like oil – duh!) “increase”. The price for oil in terms of REAL money, like gold, has been flat for decades.

    Check your facts.

    You want to make a difference? Do some research on Congressman Dr. Ron Paul from Texas.

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