Geely CE Concept

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One of these concepts that will be a production model sooner than later.
It already looks like something we’d see in the streets now.
and it does look pretty nice.

I guess Geely is getting ready to sell cars in Europe pretty soon.

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  1. Some more established car companies could be taking design pointers from these Geely concept cars. This CE Concept is fantastic looking small car. It’s nicely proportioned with just enough angularity to give it a hint of aggressiveness. This thing is light years ahead of Geely’s current MR Hatchback.

  2. HOLY CRAP this is cute! I always thought that these Chinese knock-offs would have to straighten their act up if they want to compete in the real world. If Geely isn’t planning on selling this on their own, I could see it as a small Chrysler for the NA market. After Geely, the deluge?

  3. I suppose we’ll see the usual American nonsense about “communists” and the cars being a copy because they have four wheels and doors.

  4. Pay attention Nissan and Toyota, this is what a small car should look like. This could have been the Versa with Murano design cues and as for Toyota…this could have just been something better than all the crapy looking cars they put out.

  5. “I suppose we’ll see the usual American nonsense about “communists” and the cars being a copy because they have four wheels and doors.”

    I don’t know how to humanly reply to this. THIS is nonsense, and it seems to have been written by someone from Hu Jintao’s PR office. It is a well known fact that the Chinese have copied mainly EUROPEAN and JAPANESE cars, not American, and it’s from Europe and Japan that the complaints come, with Americans agreeing with the complaints because the stylistic similarities are, frankly, undeniable. Just recently in Geneva BYD showed the F1, which is a blatant copy of the Toyota Aygo. Look it up and dare to deny it. Geely, with this and other fine-looking concepts, is one of the few Chinese companies which are really making an effort to create their own styling identity, but you cannot seriously deny the copycat practices of BYD, Great Wall, etc.

  6. douchebag jones said…
    another ugly 3rd world country car

    March 31, 2008 7:12 PM
    yuh? tell us that you don’t have anything at your home that are made in the “3rd world”??? u racist bastard!

  7. This car seems pretty original…except for the Toyota inspired BLIND SPOTS.

    Is that the new trend nowadays?

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