Geely GT Concept

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I think this looks great. A bit busy and loud. But at least pretty original.
The Chinese have the habit of showing off pretty nice looking concepts so far.
We’ll see if any of these actually translate into decent production cars…

Would anyone here buy something like that? At what price?

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  1. My first reaction is that the front looks like some sort of creepy exoskeleton. But aside from the heavy handed design of the ant-mouth grille, the overall design is really elegant. The chrome “C” trim on the side and rear is a great touch.

  2. The side view looks great, but the taillights are ridiculous (why not stretch them to the front of the car?) and the front end looks cartoonishly stupid.

  3. Great! now even the Chinese have better design than Acura/Honda.

    Who knows maybe Honda might do the reverse, by copying theirs.

  4. Looks great! The gaping maw that is the front isn’t overly done like on Audi or those garish Chryslers, and the chrome is very elegantly done, and accents the doors nicely.

    I must say I am very surprised at the progress the Chinese automakers have made. The first cars they put out were pretty bad copies, but people should start to take them seriously.

  5. Well, here is the first Chinese car that is not a blatant ripoff of something else. I am sure it has a few design elements here and there that can be related to another car, like the Audi-estque front grille, but there are only so many ways you can drape the sheet metal over 4 wheels, like we have been doing for the last 100 years. Overall classic lines and proportions, and while you can’t please everyone, one of there best concepts so far.

  6. wow. Copy copy copy.

    The front is a total rip-off of the Maybach Exelero concept (even the badge seems fairly similar somehow).

    The side-view/DLO seems reminiscent of current Buick models, if not the Buick Riviera concept, which was designed in china (has the copyright infringement in China gotten so bad that they are now ripping off each other as well?).

    And the rear end looks like a Pontiac Solstice and a Hyundai Genesis coupe had an awkward, elongated, blinged-up love child.

    And even if this weren’t a total rip off of other cars, I’d still say this is one ugly f**kin car.

  7. I am surprised, a Chinese automaker with an original design, say it ain’t so! But it does remind of the Darth Vaderish Maybach Exelero concept car.

  8. The front? Hidious. The back? Looks like it could be a great Buick design. I am a big buick fan(Enclave)and I think it has that kind of new Buick feel to it. Since it chinese I might pay 18,000 for it.

  9. This is a very good looking touring coupe … and a far cry from any current Geely cars. I expect that it will be some time before Geely (or any other Chinese car company) offers anything as exotic as this. Even in China’s domestic car market (ie, where there are growing numbers of people able to afford more expensive, more exotic vehicles) I doubt Geely would find many buyers. As the Chinese say one must proceed “step-by-step”. Chinese car companies need to establish themselves in the market before they start selling stuff like this. [By the way, Vince, your blog is blocked in China … I couldn’t access it while I was in Shanghai.]

  10. Not a chance. The design of the car is OK, other than a horrid looking grille. But as American manufacturers learned the hard way, you can’t get by on looks alone. The Chinese are going to need to prove themselves in the North American market, not just on safety, but on quality and reliability, and they’re going to be fighting the common belief that things made in China are utter junk.

  11. It could loose the grille, but overall this is the best looking, most orginal chinese car, BUT I’d still never consider one

  12. you would have to pay me to consider something like this

    i guess china has figured out that its copycat designs could never make it in a lawsuit-crazy america

  13. Those may be the largest taillights on record. The car looks nice, otherwise (considering it’s from China).

  14. It looks like the new Batmobile. I like the car and I love the chrome “C” around the side windows. It’s original and real elegant. The front is weird looking but I guess we’ll see in the production version how they make this work.

  15. Its s photochop of the Maybach Exelero concept in the first picture and a chop of the XJR on the second.

    I don’t think Geely has the capabilities to make such a car.

  16. The side profile reminds me of the sneak peak photo that we saw of the China only Buick model a few days ago. This car has promise, but compared to the production versions of the China domestic cars I am having trouble seeing this thing make it to market looking remotely like this car. By the time it hits the street it will look exactly like a Masserati or Ferrari. Their production vehicles have to copy an existing model sold in Europe to be accepted by the buyers in China.

  17. It does look great. It looks like they have smuggled in some Italian design for this job.

    If the inside follows the outside, it would be a significantly well-designed car. Coupled with reliability, safe, dealer network, the car could be in my garage for around $30k.

  18. i wouldn´t buy it! The reference to the Maybach Exelero was made, and correct: I had the same thought when I saw it first. My guess would be around 22.000$, tho.

  19. so no one here thinks this looks a little like the Maserati Gran Tourismo?

    actually…. it almost looks better….

  20. I would never buy a Chinese automobile. Never. How are the American manufacturers going to make any money with Chinese cars?Mexican-made is where it’s at now.

  21. Nothing like the Maybach! And its a showcar, which means a bit of outrageous overdesign is part of the fun.

  22. they bring them here… have some real long term successes(5 years, at least, 50-100K miles, or more)… I’ll check ’em out.
    This Can’t be any worse than our 04 Sonata was..needed new brakes/rotors, by 48,000 miles( we have had cars for 233,000, a 90 Sentra xe… never needed rotors replaced, nor our 77 Camaro with 109K on it, on trade in)….
    there’s a reason why Hyundai can’t break 500,000 sales in USA… word of mouth(warnings) to others.

  23. Nothing like the Maybach! And its a showcar, which means a bit of outrageous overdesign is part of the fun.

    Yes, but only when “overdesign” is attractive.

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