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Still nothing exciting. There is nothing new inside either.
Again, it might just be a cheaper version of many other cars like the G37.

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  1. Does “…A cheaper version of many other cars like the G37…” mean that Hyundai engineering is that good, and they don’t have to resort to fabricating a bogus luxury name to sell quality cars to the average blue collar hard working families.
    Then the only difference between a Honda-Acura, Toyota-Lexus, and Nissan-Infiniti was the manufacturers lack of confidence in their resective product and the American perspective of quality and worth?

  2. Let’s see, Honda steering wheel and navi knob, Infiniti silver trim, and hidieous exterior. Cheap is the right word for this car. Who will this appeal to? People who buy domestic pony cars won’t buy it and I can’t see the Honda-Toyota crowd go after it as well.

    To the above poster, a Hyundai does not the vehicle dynamics anything remotely similiar to a Honda or an Infiniti, not even a Nissan. Think Buick handling.

  3. toyota/honda have no RWD coupe, i’d have no trouble believing that if toyota/honda decide to make a way better rwd cuope if they wanted to, but the reality is, they have no rwd coupe. any rwd european car packing more than 200 hp also starts at near or over 30k, while this car with 300 hp rwd starts way south of 30k, with the 200ish hp base model at around 20k.

    the g-coupe on he other hand is about 8-9k more in price, so that’s a non-issue.

    jsut the drive train alone of this car will guarantee better handling than most honda/acura/toyota that are FWD. the fact that ppl are offering comment about this car going against the nissan Z and infiniti G means that this car is already a step forward to take these cars head on.

  4. While the interior could have been better I quite like the exterior. I don’t see how an Infiniti or a Honda look any better. Neither are particularly revolutionary either and the new Accord is not exactly attractive not to mention boring. You can’t accuse Hyundai of being cheap and lazy with their design when it’s Japanese rivals are hardly steaming ahead. The difference is, is that the Japanese have the image whereas Hyundai is still building theirs yet you all still gasp in awe when the Japanese bring out their latest piece of bland. If this was a Toyota I hardly think your opinions would be the same, no doubt you’d be all screaming with delight that Toyota managed to build something with two doors that’s not a fridge.

    Compared to what they used to sell (Excel anyone?) they’ve done remarkably well in such a short space of time. Even the previous gen coupe, the Tiburon was considered quite a good drive with a V6 and 6 spd manual. Not like a Buick at all. I don’t think anything could be as bad as American cars except American cars.

  5. good, it finally seems that hyundai has gone from cheap to inoffensive. anyone remember the first generation tiburons?

    my only complaint is that hyundai couldve put a v8 in there but didnt…

  6. I don’t like the side rear window. It looks like a design mistake. Hyundai could have done a lot better with the design.

    Sometimes trying to look “different” for the sake of difference is the wrong path.

    However, I don’t doubt it will be a good car. Look at what Hyundai has done to its reputation in the last decade.

  7. I am not a Hyundai fan and am not yet convinced that they make quality products. They’re just not up to par, in spite of the good press they’ve received. Sadly, I gave them a try and that’s just been my experience.

    However, for many people who are convinced they are good cars, this is an attractive looking alternative to the uninspired (ugly/bland) design of the Altima. This might even steal some Civic coupe sales.

  8. “This might even steal some Civic coupe sales.”

    Get your head out of 8 years ago, the old old tiburon stole some Civic sales, the newer one stole some RSX sales. This one will prob knock a good chunk out of the fat and ugly Eclipse and Altima coupe market and even knaw on the heels of the 350z and G37.

    Could even destroy overpriced BMW 1 coupe, well if the buyers of small strip-me-down beemers were not traditionally such partisan morons.

  9. Tuners should have a field day with this. If prices start at 20k for something like this you would be crazy not at least considering it.

  10. At least it is a proper RWD. At $20K it would be a bargin even with a turbo “zero-low-end-torque” 2.0L

  11. “Get your head out of 8 years ago, the old old tiburon stole some Civic sales, the newer one stole some RSX sales. “

    Get real. The Tib hasn’t been a blip on Hondas or anyone’s radar. It’s a nothing car, a lo-rent disposable ride for entry level secretaries and shampoo girls. The Focus sold better. The new one might be competition for the Civic if it drives as good as it looks.

  12. It doesn’t have the mature feel of an Accord or Altima coupe, so I don’t know why the comparisons. Eclipse yes. Supra yes. G35 maybe. This is a pure weekend car.

    When you put it next to the Maxima, it doesn’t look “complex” at all.
    I like the distintive side swages that don’t meet. The front and rear look too soft, which is why I think people see Tiburon or rice-rocket. Needs a few agressive touches to match the character lines. Then maybe mid-life crisis folk might pick one up.

    And with the same name as the luxury sedan, I did expect some more luxury or expressiveness in the interior. Looks very basic, competent, but basic.

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