Hyundai Genesis Coupe video

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I still think the interior looks quite cheap. It also depends on how much they will be asking for it.
They claim this to deliver ” Infiniti G37 performance at Mitsubishi Eclipse price”.

We’ll see about that…

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  1. other than some cheap metallic paint, i think the interior looks rather nice. it looks to have some textured plastics, not just thin creaky ones. of course it doesnt look anywhere near to infiniti level, but it looks like it could give any honda/nissan a run for its money. I love the seat with blended in headrest design as well.

  2. Looks fine to me.

    BTW about interior cheapness; quality is just as much what its made of and how well its finished, not just how hip and ballsy the designer was. Sit in a new mustang recently?

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