Hyundai Genesis coupe

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Here are the first official pictures.

The design looks a bit busy to me. Not a very clean look.
It is pretty nice but doesn’t seem to offer anything new or special.
Which means, like most Hyundais, it will rely on a cheaper price.

But is that really what they are looking for???

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  1. For a car manufacturer that not so long ago was at the bottom of the rankings, not bad at all. They are in the right direction with a lot more attractive designs and ever improving driving dynamics. Busy or not, I do not think anybody would be ashamed to be seen in this vehicle, especially if they equip it with an engine capable of 0-60 in the high 5s. Of course, the luxury guys will feel superior, because they paid …more.

  2. The design looks a bit busy to me. Not a very clean look.

    Yes, it is busy, but it isn’t another cloned soap bar from Honda, Nissan, or Toyota. Maybe this will help distinguish it from the fray.

  3. Wow I really like this. Is it a hatch, or a notchback? This is really a nice car, especially for Hyundai.

  4. Im surprised at your comment Vince, this looks really good, the design is original from all angles especially the front and side window, and the back is smooth. It will also be rear drive and have a good powertrain, I think this is a good effort, better than most other european or japanese manufacturers. – G

  5. The biggest problem is PRICE ! they are gonna price it kinda like a mustang and not any cheaper, 19,900 for a 4 banger and 24,900 for a v-6, so price will not be an advantage for hyundais nor will be resale value which is really bad for recent hyundais !!!

  6. Now, if it handles properly….

    The 2 liter engine will probably be their old iron piece of junk they stuff into the US cars.

  7. I have high hopes on this car…but now……it’s just……well…., not bad, but I think they can do better, I think the engines are great but not the outlook

  8. Looks cool-especially from the back. I heard Hyundai was targeting the Mustang with this car. Between this and the Mustang, I think I’d rather have the Mustang.

  9. This coupe looks fantastic! I would choose this over a Mustang any day and I am sure the driving dynamics and handling are much better as well.

  10. The Genesis coupe didn’t translate very well from concept to production. In fact, they’re not even speaking the same language.

  11. I am cautiously optimistic that Hyundai can sell an expensive car. Not so long ago Lexus was the new kid on the block. They had to make a name for themselves, and have done pretty darn well doing so. I like the style of the coupe and the sedan. They are not afraid to try something new.

  12. Whoa. That’s drop dead beautiful! I love that design. Unfortunately, this time we Europeans may not get this hot thing…:-(

  13. These will be the 3nd best used car deal on the face of the planet…the 1st is the family of Chrysler LH sedans, the 2nd will be the Hyundai Genesis Sedan….just you watch. I’ll keep my eyes open for that $15,000 2 year old Genesis…I can’t wait!

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