Infiniti FX 50 details

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There is quite a bit of wood in there.
Just like in the new Murano. I guess they stick to the old formula that “wood looks expensive”.
You would think someone would try something else by now.

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  1. It is very nice.
    I just checked out the Muano and notice there
    are 3 bulbs per housing unit for each front headlight
    whereas the S model has 2 bulbs per headlamp which
    give the front a totally new look…interesting job Nissan.

  2. Wood can look expensive at least in the sense that it adds richness and warmth, but it also costs more than plastic trim. People have beautiful paneled rooms in their homes, boardrooms, hotels, etc., so the formula is rather timeless.

  3. it’s real wood and it’s hand polished. that’s what makes it look expensive, because it is expensive! everyone has tried everything else Vince, where have you been ?, from carbon fibre to aluminum etc… Wood is and always will be the standard for high end quality. Is that all you can say about a Premium machine that will be the new benchmark for this type of vehicle anywhere on the planet? get with it Vince! Once you drive it, you will be a drooling and babbling fool like everyone else who will have to have one. It handles like a sports car, that’s a promise. make sure you remind everyone that I, “The King” told you so.

  4. Again, my site isn’t about 400hp $50 000 plus SUVs.
    So I’m pretty sure I won’t be driving it.
    Maybe the V6.

  5. Oh sorry, I thought I read about lambos and Ferraris and porches and recently as in today , the FX 50?????

  6. I wonder how soon the greatest car company in the world recalls the new benchmark for this type of vehicle anywhere on the planet like they recently did with the 11,511 ’09 Murano’s and 4,854 ’08 EX35’s, 686,500 Altima and Sentra vehicles built in 2002 and 2005-2006, another 140,000 Altima’s built between 2006 and 2007, 372,250 Pathfinders and QX4’s built from from 1997 and 2001, 18,300 2003 Infiniti G35’s, another 280,404 2004 G35’s, 70,000 more Murano SUVs and 10,000 Maxima sedans built between 2004 and 2006. I could go on but you get the picture. No car company is perfect, not even – gasp! – Nissan.

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