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The FX 50 now gets a 5.0 Liter V8 engine with 390hp!

While the FX37 should et the same V6 engine that is used in the EX.

The design doesn’t look as weird as in the spy shots published earlier. And the interior looks great.
With a much stronger personality than before.
Again, the V6 with more than 300hp will be the most popular.
5.0 Liter V8 and expected $4 a gallon this summer won’t really be a popular combo.

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  1. What a powerful looking front end, I love it. Always was a fan of these machines. Gives new meaning to “rollin in my 5.0” even though the Mustang GT is at 4.6 liters.

  2. wow, I agree that the side and rear views are not that different ot bad, but that grill and headlights are really ugly… Interior does look nice.

  3. Wait a minute, are we talking about the FX37 for the state? Since we get the 3.5L EX, will we be getting the water down V6 for the next FX too? If so, wouldn’t it be still called FX35? I don’t understand the logic behind EX having 3.5 for the States and 3.7 for Europe.

  4. As nice as the interior is, the exterior seems to have came from Hyundai School of Auto Styling! It’s got Elantra taillights, Tiburon side vent and the old Santa Fe grille, topped with one of their concept’s headlight.

  5. The ghastly front end of the FX makes it the Jimmy Durante of crossovers. Infiniti tried too hard and missed. The interior has a certain Corvette look to it. Nice looking, but let’s see if Infiniti uses the same cheap feeling materials they’ve used in their other cars.

  6. yes, as I told everyone, you will bow to the FX. It is the king like all Nissan/Infiniti products. Nissan is growing rapidly worldwide. Wait till you see the new Maxima in New York! Toyota better be shakin’

  7. I love the “I’m angry, shocked look”, that the headlight and grille provide. Pixar needs this model in their next CARS movie, it would make a great villian. A very expressive front end, cartoonish almost. Too bad it does not fit on a car that is supposed to match up against the BMW X5. Now the X5 looks even more mature compared to this design travesty.

  8. Muscular and on your face, while elegant at the same time. I am still a little turned off by the rear glass shape. You are right Vince, I will buy the V6. Plenty of pep to go around.

  9. bmw has never built anything, yes, i said anything of any consequence. meaning…..every car or suv they build looks disjointed, and carries a barrage of problems. the last person who should be standing up to this new Infiniti,
    should be a bagle butted bmw fan!

  10. I’m not a huge fan of Nissan’s typical clumsy designs, but the current Infiniti FX is an exception. It is a distinctive, aggressive, smart design that still looks fresh today. This new one however, looks ridiculous. The front takes the awful drag-queen eyes of the BMW 5 series one-step worse. The rear looks amateurish and Korean. The fish lip grille frames the sideways pac-man logo in an awful way. The interior, on the other hand, looks really great. Nissan is really improving the design and material quality of their interiors.

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