Jaguar and Land Rover sold

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To Tata for $2 Billion.
Good for Tata, I guess. Although they have already said they weren’t that interested in Jaguar.

But it is a sad statement about Ford. A company that was run so poorely that it didn’t know what to do with legendary brands like these.
Looks like they were doing OK with land Rovers. With plenty of products.


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  1. “But it is a sad statement about Ford. A company that was run so poorely that it didn’t know what to do with legendary brands like these.”

    In all fairness to Ford… Jaguar and Range Rover were very crappy brands before Ford got them. Their sales numbers were pathetic and Jaguar rewarded owners by leaking their fluids onto the floors of their heated garages and various electrical bugs. Range Rovers rewarded their owners by randomly leaning to one side for no reason and various electrical bugs. Both are a lot less crappy today.

  2. It is sad that Ford is selling both Jaguar and Land Rover. From a product and quality standpoint I think these brands improved significantly under Ford. Had Ford not been struggling so much in North America I doubt very much that we’d be seeing this sale. In 2006 Ford PAG lost $2.3 billion USD (on sales of $30 billion) … the bulk of this loss was attributed to Jaguar and Land Rover. This same year Ford North America lost roughly $16 billion USD (in 2006 the Ford brand only made money in Europe and South America). Ford can’t sell its “core” North American operation (ie, despite the awful losses there). However, (based mostly on how things LOOK to shareholders and analysts) it also cannot continue holding smaller, unprofitable units that can be broken off and sold.

  3. I will have to respectfully dissagree, land rover was brought back to life by BMW, and jaguar was run further into the ground by ford. If I were running ford I would have sold LR to tata, as SUV’s are going the way of the dinosaur. Put the cash into Jaguar, they already have great product on the way. No premium brand at ford? European are too snobby to buy a lincoln.

  4. so what is next to be sold off? Aston Martin or Volvo or maybe Mazda. The almighty empire of Henry Ford has fallen.

    To be more competitive, Ford should ax Lincoln and Aston Martin … and bring in more Euro design vehicles here to the states. I mean ‘euro design’ and not the crappy ‘euro inspired’ vehicles of yore.

  5. sad day of the world to see the end of Jag! sold Rover to the Chinese, Jag to Indian, soon we will see each Chinese driving a ROWE and each Indian will be driving a Jag-Nano… is that so?? what else do they have for sale? British Navy soon???

  6. Is it ironic that a famed British marque is now owned by an Indian company?

    Hey, VW owns Bentley…

    You never know, maybe they’ll make ’em even better.

    Or not…

  7. TTFN or Ta Ta For Now . Ford actually made Jaguar a reliable car and a very good looking one too. Unfortunatley they never found thier buyers. Mostly old ladys and nostalgic Brit car buyers who don’t flip cars and keep them forever or Leased at bargain rates and residual values that plumeted.
    So now they have new owners from colonial India. Welcome to the world car market…Cheers!

  8. This is very good for Ford. These brands were picked up so that here today gone tomorrow executives no longer had to ride around in Lincoln Town Cars, and served only to distract Ford from its core brands and business. Ford spread themselves way too thin. They need to worry about fixing Ford, Lincoln and Mercury and don’t need the distraction of these other unrelated brands.

  9. “as SUV’s are going the way of the dinosaur.”

    Tell that to the people on the world…SUVs and vans are the fastest growing segment worldwide. Jaguar on the other hand is about dead.

  10. Does the meek include brain-dead publik skewl/TV watcher who think the planet has been screwed up by humans…. Hopefully the meek go the way of the dodo bird real quick.

  11. “land rover was brought back to life by BMW, and jaguar was run further into the ground by ford. “

    BMW built a fantastic full sized Range Rover, but left the rest of the line in shambles, at least fifteen years behind the competition. With the ridiculous British labor unions, there was no way that RR could survive with only one decent low-volume vehicle. Ford brought their product portfolio into the 21st century. If you think that Ford ran Jag “further into the ground,” then you don’t remember what pre-1987 Jaguars were like. One word…. “Lucas.” Two more words… “British Leyland.” Yes the X-type stank, but all of the other ones are very good. And today, you don’t need a spare car to own one.

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