Kia Soul

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This should be anounced really soon.
It will turn out to be a better Scion than the Scion itself.
A much nicer nd modern design.

And in that price range, “owning a Kia” isn’t such a bad thing.

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  1. Mr. Burlapp, just wait for another round of Japanese
    mini SUVs to hit the market like the Nissan Cube and
    Honda Crossroad.

  2. The Nissan Cube is the only other alternative and it will be late in coming to the states. It is long overdue. Honda better wake up and bring their box to the U.S. or risk losing a large portion of the share to other dealerships.

  3. you will find over the next couple of years that everything will virtually be better than all toyotas. they have recalled more cars than anyone else AND all their new (old looking) stuff doesn’t cut the mustard, new corolla? new Matrix? and the Scions…. don’t get me goin” . Speaking of goin’, I really feel Toyota is goin’ down! So does the industry, frony page of automotive news this month headline…”Scion hits wall”

  4. What box does Honda have?
    Are you talking about the Crossroad?
    I am waiting for that to come here, but for now my eyes are on the Tiguan (but I don’t think I can afford it).

  5. Honda has a brand new model called the Spike in Japan. It is a small four door box with a fuel efficient 1.5 liter engine plus the rear doors slide open like a van’s for extra entry and exit ease! Maybe Vince could post a picture here on his wonderful blog for all to see? This would sell like hotcakes here in the states especially when gas goes up to $4 a gallon and people need a vehicle with a lot of space.

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