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This looks like what the Scion xD should have been. Small, roomy a fuel efficient.
Toyota might be paying for their mistake of making the xD too big.
I personally like the xD. It is still pretty small and is more refined that before. Sure the engine is larger, but the Camry motor is super smooth and quiet. And I’m a sucker for comfort.
But it seems that is not what Scion buyers really want.

The Soul might just be it.

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  1. Vince, I think you may be mistaking the xB and the xD. The xB got bigger and has the Camry engine in it. The xD is similar to the Yaris. Stupid confusing naming scheme…. I do like the Soul a lot.

  2. Soul=Scion Killer 🙂

    The Spectra Coupe is going to kill the tC if it remains close to the concept….Kia and Hyundai are starting to learn the Chrysler secret of making concept a reality…well now basically everyone is.

  3. “But it seems that is not what Scion buyers really want.”

    Yet the xB has had sales increases for the past 5 months. Apparently Scion buyers do want the xB.

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