Let’s make this the “Maxima day”…

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Even more pictures.
And I do love the glass/double sunroof thing. Just like on the new Murano.
I’d like to see the interior in something else than black too….

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  1. Yes me too vince how about black or pearl on the outside with saddle or caffe latte leather. this car is “Outstanding” Vince, and you are regaining credibility with all the info. you are posting, good work, you know, shortly this gem will be regarded worldwide as the best handling fwd sedan anywhere!!!!!

  2. wow! i thought the interior was amazing untill i saw that closeup of the lower dash…. what a mess!!! it looks like the terrible dash from the mitsu gallant…..but at least its warmer than the sterile last generation.

  3. I think this is a real nice interior. It’s waaayyy better than all the previous Maximas. I like the new steering wheel better too. I just wish the front was a little different. It’s kinda weird. I think an all wheel drive option would be nice too. For the money, I would rather have a G-35 though. And therin lies the kanundrum. The car is too close in basic design to the Altima for a price that’s too close to the G-35. How does a car salesman sell that?

  4. Easy , people with their nose in the air only look at the Infiniti and people who are interested in a better value/practicality, ie; more interior space, larger trunk, fwd etc … will get a Max. For me, and I know both well, it’s the Max!

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