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We might actually get this 3 door version.
If Ford really wants to compete with Toyota, they could sell us a 4 door sedan and the 3 door hatch.

And let Mazda sell the 5 door version of the Mazda2.

How about that for a genius idea?
If anyone at Ford wants to, I’ll start running the company next Monday. I’ll bring the Kuga over too.
Or maybe sell all Euro Fords as through Mercury. Like I mentioned before. Why not?

Now all you people have to do is call the Ford headquarters and get me a meeting with Bill Ford…
If GM have Lutz, Ford could have Burlapp.

A beautiful world indeed…

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  1. how about the crown victoria? would you do anything about it? looks like ford doesn’t know how to redesign it, it’s had the same style for decades!!! i am tired of seeing the same old looking taxis and police cars…

  2. Vince, I guarantee you you would do a better job running Ford that the current management. Then again, a monkey would also, which is not in any way, shape, or form an indictment of your abilities. 😛

    I like Ford, but they baffle me. How the management of any multinational could choose to run and hide from the growing markets (small efficient cars) when they have highly competitive offerings, and then choose to invest long-term in dwindling markets (trucks/large gas-guzzling behemoths) is beyond me. Then again I work in corporate American management of another large multinational and see every single day the idiocy of the decisions, and how they are based in politics and extended nepotism and not market drivers, so it doesn’t surprise me too much.

  3. I like this car alot. I think it’s the best looking small car out there and I hope Ford does bring this to the USA…….UNALTERED.

    You’d get my vote Vince. I do think Mullaly is doing a decent job though. Bill jr. really screwed things up bad. It’s good he is’nt accepting any pay for his services at Ford, although he’s probably got a butt load of stock options though. There is a lot of dead wood, bad politics, bad ego’s, and some others below Mullaly that he has to contend with and to me it’s a freakin’ miracle he’s been able to keep the company afloat considering the condition in which he received it. Hopefully he is able to bring more of the European models over to the USA without US designers screwing them all up or flat out refusing them. I am looking forward to seeing the new Milan/Fusion and the new Taurus, but a part of me is’nt expecting much. I like the current Milan and I’m just hoping they don’t screw it up.

  4. Considering recent euro/dollar exchange rates…
    and to paraphrase my favorite professor, “Five points to grifFORDor… …for sheer dumb luck!”

    IF they were importing now, they’d be in more trouble / we’ll see how GM’s short-term plan works out.

    Ford sorta skipped that step & by going straight to building nextgen global platforms in N.America, will progress faster/better.

  5. damn straight vince

    while you’re at it, please:

    -swap out the aging escape for the aussie ford territory
    -sell a police interceptor version of the falcon you will bring over
    -rename the current focus the escort and import the euro focus and call it the focus
    -axe the mazda tribute and bring over the 6 hatchback

    those would be baby steps, but i am totally serious. how would we go about doing this? really??

  6. Vince – stop thinking about running Ford. You need to continue to improve your automotive reviews. You have no clue what it takes to run Ford.

  7. It is a genius idea Vince.. the very same idea I have been adding as comment on your previous Fiesta/Verve posts and on other auto blog sites all over the net! Way to give credit where it is due. zoomzoomr 🙂

  8. Ford can’t make enough money in small cars…Their overhead is huge. They will go broke if they don’t sell a lot of F150/Explorer/Expys. Ford is doomed anyway…As is Chrysler.

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