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The exterior is almost growing on me. But the interior still has a cheap feel to it.
A wannabe Infiniti.Maybe another color….

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  1. The interior design is just a SLIGHT rip-off of the new CTS. After 20+ years in the US market, it’s about time Hyundai innovated, instead of immitated, in area of design.

  2. I don’t consider the interior a rip off. Too many cars these days look similar to one another but who’s to say who ripped off who? This is a great looking car and the price is right. It will sell like hot cakes, I bet.

  3. The interior looks nice, but what an awful, drab color. A monotony of depressingly dark materials.

  4. I actually prefer the interior to the exterior. The interior looks okay to me, nothing spectacular but perfectly adequate for a sporty car. The exterior is just incredibly boring to look at, which is not a mortal sin for a sedan, but it is for a coupé

  5. I have to agree that is looks similar but rip off it isn’t.

    Anyways, pricing will be the determiner of whether or not this is a success. If it follows Hyundai’s usual affordable pricing then they’ve got a real winner here. If it starts in the low $20K range then the Mustang will finally have some real sales competition.

  6. Ugh, the concept looked waay better. Oh well, that’s usually the case. Just look at the G37. Anyways, if the performance is there, I think Hyundai might have a winner here.

  7. Say all you want about Hyundai! Fact is their number and quality are rising to the point Toyota is ‘threatened!’

  8. The Genesis Coupe looks a lot better in motion than standing still. That plus 310HP, a 6-speed manual and a limited slip diff mean this should be an interesting ride.

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