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Still looks like a super Altima to me.

I guess I was expecting too much…

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  1. That’s, uh, yet another Altima that’s ate too much given odd headlights.

    Otherwise, even the same basic silhouette and trunk theme of the current…but a bit more tightly detailed. If it feels better and the interior as Murano-esque materials, it will still do “well enough”.

  2. Wow, I guess those photos of the weird headlights on the ‘Z’ were not a joke afterall huh? I guess this is the new direction that Nissan is taking it. Jury’s still out on this one. It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

  3. Judging on what your personal taste Vince is not fair “at all” you are trying to form an opinion on photos, which in my opinion look outstanding. you must leave your style thoughts out of the equation and judge a vehicles merits when you have, touched , smelled and felt it!

  4. I always expect too much when a new Maxima is about to come out and I’m always left disappointed. The side and the back look good but the front….eehhh….not so good, as usual. Maybe it’ll look better in person.

  5. Still has the same overweight shape of the last generation, but much better front end and rear end treatments. The interior is a huge improvement though. All in all, a nice update but nothing ground breaking.

  6. very promising considering it’s a relative of the GTR, just like the G8 is touted as a corvette brother. This GTR offspring should be a luxo-sport monster. Image this in Black with tan/saddle leather….Wow!

  7. This car would look okay (better than most competition) if not for those disgusting headlamps. What the hell were they thinking? Did somebody not want to insult the lame idea that the boss’s retarded son put on the table? Sheesh. Those lamps are a dealbreaker.

  8. Less that what I expected, but, better profile than before and more estate looking. Besides the odd headlights, profile wise, it looks kind of like the Lexus LS series. And the taillights are a lot more interesting than Altima’s viewing them from the side.

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