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I am not a truck guy, but I really think this looks great.
Anyone here would actually consider buying one???

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  1. They still may. GM has set up a site at where people can submit ideas. The winning name will be announced on April 15, so “El Camino” has a as good a shot at winning as any. Whatever GM names it, all I can say is it’s about damn time.

  2. I could see this being very popular for bikers, surfers, skiers etc. Pontiac could sell a lot of great accessories to go with this.

  3. This is just fantastic. Ultimately, I hope they offer this with a V6 and a standard transmission … at present, though, I think GM is only planning a V8 paired up to an automatic. The “Name This Car” contest is a cool idea. I submitted my idea (“Tikaani” which is Athabaskan for “Wolf”).

  4. Glad to hear GM is shipping this our way. I am an old El Camino owner and have really never quite forgotten how neat a car it was. If i had a place in my garage, i might think about getting one. A gentlemans pickup!!!!!!

  5. i would buy one if it had a v6 and manual transmission. somehow the faults of the g8 (certain interior bits that dont match up) seem more appropriate in a truck rather than a family sedan

  6. recycled holden junk.

    with IRS this thing can carry 2/5ths of bugger all. The payload is stupidly small.

    It’s not a truck, its a 2 seater car that can carry bicycles.

  7. The payload is 1300 pounds, which is actually pretty decent, and it can tow 3500, plenty of capacity for the weekend warrior maybe looking for an alternative to a 12mpg truck. This would be neat to see with GM’s upcoming 2.7 or 4.5 liter diesels, which have 250 and 320 hp respectively.

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