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The back seat area makes the Golf/Rabbit 2 door feel like a limousine.
And the visibility has to be one of the worst in any car.

Why such high headrests on such small back seats???

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  1. lol… beats me why the headrests are like that, but the car’s really sexy, and any successor to the karmann ghia is good news 🙂

  2. The high rear headrests look cool, that’s why, although I imagine if I owned this the rear seats would be folded down 99% of the time.

    I really don’t think this is too bad, but VW reliability is so spotty (and dealer service stories are terrible) that I shy away from the marque. Also, here in Austin in the summer, easily half the cars I see broke down for whatever reason (preumably overheating) are VW’s or Bimmers, which makes me nervous because I once had an Audi that was highly prone to overheating.

  3. It might be the camera angle that is making it look higher that it really is. I am not really a big fan of those headrest too. They look too Italian for a car that suppose to be very German. If I owned this car I would order it in cloth and rip out my GTI seats and place them inside of this one.

    I am more excited about the Tiguan personally. Not only will it sell very well, it will take away a lot of perspective CR-V to X3 drivers

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