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Maybe it’s just the base model.
Or maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t look that great, does it???

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  1. Just tell me O N E car that looks really GREAT today? Time is running………………………………………………………

  2. I would really need to do a close inspection, to see if it is worthily. However, it is nice to see it in another color.

  3. The side view of the white car looks great but the other two pictures look pretty cheap looking especially the view from the rear!

    I can’t wait to see more pictures in more colors of this car.

  4. it’s growing on me. i like the squat, beefy look, but find the rear a bit anonymous and bland. it looked better in some of the motion shots i’ve seen, and video.

  5. The back is very Renault. The front is Mitsu EVOish. The side profile is most appealing but looks like a the old Civic hatch or maybe the Mazda 3. Nothing great.

  6. Now i see why usa wont get this, its plain jane and boring that front end is hidesous, id rather have the huge gaping mouth of the gti… and knowing VW it will be way overpriced ! price a beetle and see what i mean.. and im so damn tired of taking my 2 friends back and forth the vw dealer to get there cars fixed ( beetles ).

  7. gidiyup,

    you are correct about the look of the car based on color. The white car really shows the contours better, emphasizing what is visually appealing about this car. The blue car almost looks like a different model. The angles of the photos also helps. The “looking down from above” shot of the white car makes it look sleeker and lower to the ground. The second photo of the blue car makes it look like it is 6 inches off the ground. Not an appealing shot.
    I would like to see this car sold in the states, simply to prove the VW dealers wrong that it will steal too many sales from the Rabbit and GTI. Would I buy one? No, I am not a demographic fit.

  8. Since the very attractive first Scirocco in the 70s, which I think was also designed by Giugiaro (like the Golf), no later Scirocco (and Corrado) was especially good looking. Maybe that’s the USP – a sports car with uninteresting VW design. I don’t know, I think it’s incredibly boring and even partially flawed (the front). But it’s in line with the new VW design, which except for the Tiguan right now is the worst since the horrible 80s Passat.

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