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The interior starts looking a bit weird to me.
The Smart isn’t perfect, but it seems more fun.
Maybe it’s just the color.
Maybe it’s just me….

Who knows….

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  1. I think the seat could use a bit of style and lose the dotted fabric. I’ve been in and driven Smarts, and they are fun but feel poorly put together (and with buzzy motors). The iQ looks 1000 times better to me.

  2. This car is to small to be a clown-car…It screams “I am to lazy to get a high-paying job, and I am too lazy to walk”.

  3. Microcars need funky interiors and this one does not disappoint. I would imagine the quality and fit/finish will be many times better than the Smart’s.

    Bring it to the US please …

  4. The console looks like a cape-wearing garbage can with those flaps…

    Toyota shouldn’t be basing their decision on how the smart does – the people who want a small car also want a good one, otherwise they’ll just buy a used Civic. I say beat smart to the punch and put the iQ on the road now (especially in Canada, where we don’t feel the need to express our status with cars).

  5. The same person that designed this is or is related to the person that designed the Pontiac Aztec, there cannot be but one or two designers that bad.

  6. Vince, is that an actual back seat that I see? I had read previously that it would have a funky sideways third seat in the rear. Have you heard anything about that?

  7. Proof positive that the Japanese are anything but innovative. They are remarkable at honing and perfecting other people’s ideas. They should be utterly embarrassed by how much this vehicle resembles the smart forTwo, inside and out. I don’t particularly like the smart, but at least Daimler took some chances with it and did something different – particularly in deciding to bring it to the US market. This is Toyota “me too” product development at its best.

  8. To the person who said that the Japanese are copying the Smart car, you might want to look up the words “kei cars”. If anything, the Smart car copied the Japanese kei cars which have been around since after the second world war. Get your facts straight, asshat.

  9. true dat, no one can build a kei car like the japanese. for a quick search, check out the daihatsu tanto, suzuki cervo, and subaru r1. just a bit of japanese innovation. and who could forget the daihatsu copen roadster or honda civic beat (all kei cars).

    japanese automakers are expert marketers. they know that a four-seater hatchback half the size of a camry is not in demand in north america. speaking of the camry, how many ads have you actually seen for the car? not that many because toyota knows well enough that there are baby boomers out there looking for a comfortable sedan thats different from mom and dad’s buick.

  10. This will be more practical than the 2 seater Smart (3+1 seating). And it couldnt possibly be as slow and inefficient (33mpg???) as the Smart.

    Toyota showin ’em how it’s done.

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