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And still no final headlight design.

I hear GM might offer the 2.0 Liter Turbo engine as one of the options.
That might not be a bad idea. With 260hp it could be plenty and would actually match the power of the V6.
Could be an interesting take on the 21st Century muscle car.

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  1. Considering the fact that GM recently created an alliance with BMW for the same direct injection/turbocharging technology that Ford is going to be using on the EcoForce engines I think we will start seeing more and more small engines being used in performance cars.

    I a lot of purists are going stick their noses up at this because they want their V8s (hey, I do too) but the reality is that these future 4 and 6 bangers are going to make these cars viable under the new CAFE rules. Without them the Camaro, Mustang, and other performance cars will simply die off…

    Now GM and Ford need to focus on weight reduction for their next gen cars. The Mustang is at least 500lbs too heavy..

    One other thing. I’m really curious to see how well the new Hyundai Tiberon/Genesis coupe does against these cars. I know it isn’t exactly the same class of car but that V6 has the same 300 horses the Mustang GT does and I bet its lighter to boot (and has a 6 speed)…

  2. Nicest of the big 2 1/2
    That 1/2 pint Ford got there first and got the big $$$. I would buy the Camaro though. I just put in my order for a BMW 135i It goes like a V8. Really wanted a GT-R but my local dealers Sheridan Nissan and Porter Nissan of Delaware demanded $25,000 over sticker even though I wanted to order it a full year before introduction…Talk about scumbags

  3. With rising fuel prices an optional turbo charged four cylinder engine would be a great choice for the new Camaro. I wonder if Ford would follow suit and offer the same type of power plant in the Mustang. This is not exactly a 21st century concept, however. High gas prices in the mid-1970’s / early 1980’s prompted Ford to develop and offer a four cylinder turbo charged Mustang from 1984 to 1986 (ie, the Mustang SVO). Falling gas prices contributed to the death of the SVO … things may be a little different this time around.

  4. Personally, I don’t much care for any of these low, hard to enter and exit, overpowered coupe things, but at least the Camaro’s style is a good mix of the old and new.

    Camaro is far superior to the Challenger which is just a bigger, heavier, and more costly version of the same boring car from the early ’70s.

    Offering a Camaro at a reasonable price and a fairly economical engine option is a good idea IMO.

    How much muscle car do people want with per gallon gas prices heading past $4?

  5. If they do go with a turbo option I hope it’s more reliable then that piece of crap turbo they dropped in the Beretta GTZ and random oldmobiles in the 90’s.

  6. I saw a 2001 Thunderbird in the parking lot at Sam’s Club today. Yawn.

    We can expect the same feeling when we see this ‘new’ Camaro at Big Lots next year.

  7. Why not go all the way and offer a all wheel drive option a.k.a. Audi quattro A4 to compete with the modern european sports car market?

  8. Because the Cadillac CTS is supposed to compete with the A4. The CTS Coupe should compete with the A5.

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