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This one we won’t get, for sure.

Ford is really not ready to sell anything smaller than the Fiesta in the US.
At least not yet.

I’m glad to see the next Ka will still look pretty original. the current one was really a stand out design when it came out. And it still looks very modern.
This one might not have the impact of the first design, but still…

The Fiesta isn’t really out yet, so I’m not sure when this is coming out.

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  1. Would something as small as a Ka even pass US crash standards? If so I wish they would bring that here as well as some of the Kei-Cars that they offer in Japan.

  2. I don’t get it. Why can’t Ford seem to design small cars that have the potential to resonate with American car buyers, like the Mini Cooper? They still think that the only people who will buy small cars are people who absolutely have to. They’d better learn fast, because smaller cars are going to be a reality for us here in the US, and those companies that learn how to make them unique, stylish, and with a sizeable “cool factor” like the Mini are going to be the ones that survive. The Verve, and this thing, have none of that. Unremarkable car design at its finest. Which is puzzling since the original Ka actually had some unique, cool style to it. The biggest threat to Ford Motor Company is not the Japanese, the Koreans, the Chinese or GM… it’s Ford itself.

  3. rick, the Ka is bigger than a Smart, and that is now certified for US sale. There is no reason Ford shouldn’t take the lead and bring a car smaller than Chevy’s Aveo and Honda’s Fit to the US.. that would be a much more BOLD MOVE than just bringing the Fiesta, which is Ford’s typically extremely late entry to an already established market.

    As far as the new styling is concerned.. it looks good, but there is no way it could have ever been as iconic as the original.

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