Nissan 370Z

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Looks like Nissan is now following the well known German recipe: new cars that look like the old ones.

At first, at least. The keep the basic shape. Just like the Murano or even the Altima.
On this illustration the new Z seems even more like the current model.

We won’t have long to wait. We should be getting pictures of this before the summer.

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  1. I’m really not liking those headlights. They put the ug in ugly, just like the new grill and headlights on the new Murano (a car that has never had a non-Pepboys looking grill anyway).

  2. Another bar of soap, with fender bulges passing as style. Please look below to the new Camaro to see how a sports coupe should look.

  3. i’m not a huge fan of sports cars, but always liked the 1990 and current Z. this is awful, and given that it’s speculative rendering, hopefully way off.

  4. I realize that this is just an artists’ rendering but I don’t like this at all. What do I know… I don’t like the current Z either, which has been moderately successful at least. Glad to see they ditched the clumsy looking Sub-Zero door handles. The Z is just not a sexy sportscar and makes the only convertible that’s downright ugly. This new one is not much of an improvement.

  5. What an embarassment to the once great japanese auto industry. imagine harkening back to days of old as a last ditch, just like supra etc…. japanese cars are very poor quality and ugly, end of story. Ricer boys! your piece of shit has arrived!

  6. poor poor american ignorant, uneducated, moronic rednecks. so sorry to have hurt your tough exterior, soft interior. You are not only the laughing stock of all educated americans, the redneck is the laughing stock worldwide. I really appreciate you showing us just how ignorant you rednecks can get and how simple you really are! Stop, think, I know this will be hard, and come up with something original. you are just as bad as the old farts running North American car companies, be original at least. I can’t wait for your response, I need a good laugh!

  7. an empy , violent sppech ??? , is that what you think of amerissole? you are way off base, I am sure he/ she is having a lot of fun poking at amereican stereotypes and I am enjoying it, as well, he/ she is spot on about american cars and people.

  8. It’s amusing that somehow people can criticize American tastes in a thread about a Nissan. And a particularly garish and hideous one at that.

    Anyway, if Nissan fixed the front-end and change out the ghetto bling rims for something sportier, it wouldn’t look to bad at all.

  9. Thanks saeja for more vapid drivel unrelated to cars in any way. I guess when someone has nothing smart to say, stupid will suffice.

  10. relax peoples! its just wacky japanese artist impressions! final pictures havent even been released yet! wait till september or october!

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