Opel Insignia/Saturn Aura

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just more pictures of the prototype. This time from GM….

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  1. The current Aura is one of the best looking midsized sedans on the market today. They’re proportioned very well and they look really athletic and smart in person. Clearly there are some shortfalls, particularly with the interior… which is vastly better than a Camry but below the Accord or Malibu. However, with the Malibu it seems that GM has gotten the formula right. I’m looking forward to seeing the new Aura. It’s tough to tell with the heavily camouflage of the prototype.

  2. The proportions of this car look good … it seems more upright (less low slung) than the current Saturn Aura. I see a touch of BMW in the C pillar, rear passenger door and rear tail light.

  3. I think there is more of a MB look to this prototype. I like the new C class and this seems to mimic that car. The only problems Saturn seem to have is their excess weight. If GM can fix this i expect even the four cylinder will be a good performer.

  4. Do you think they added width to make it into, you know, a car for adults and not just europeons.

  5. To: 7:04

    Yes. That must be it. Maybe if I were sloppier with my syntax, then maybe you’d be less suspicious. Is it so unrealistic that people like the Aura? I’ll try this next time I try to comment to people that include irritating Camcord lemmings…

    Gawd, dis tang is beddah an purdieuh dan duh Kamrehy!!!

    Does that work for you Nancy?

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