Opel Insignia/Saturn Aura

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Funny how some cars are pretty much kept secret until they actually come out.
Others, like this one, not so much…

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  1. Looks like an old Volvo design. I’m entirely unimpressed, but will withhold judgment until I see the production photos. Remember gang, even an ugly prototype can be prettied up!

  2. I love the NASCAR spoiler. I know it’s part of the camo. This car should look pretty good when its production ready and painted in normal colors. I hope it will have an AWD option.

  3. it’s cause nobody gives a shit what the next saturn aura looks like. it’s not like they’re going to lose many sales of the current model if people see the next one. this isn’t an accord or anything.

  4. Hopefully it’s not an Accord. That would mean the next Aura would an ugly, disjointed design with an interior featuring cheap plastic and vinyl-like leather.

  5. Probably is the next Saturn Aura which will be the same car as the Opel Whatever.

    All of these sedans with BMW rear door designs look alike now–nice, but not distinctive.

    I confuse the new Honda Accord with both the 5 and 7 Series BMWs unless I see the cars from the front. At least Honda didn’t copy BMW’s front nostrils.

    Car styles are becoming too much alike now.

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