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These are directly from VW.

I saw the Passat CC at the Detroit show and was really impressed. the design has quite a personality in real life. And I would pick this over an A4 any day.
I just hope pricing won’t be too crazy in the US. It looks great, but it isn’t really much more upscale than the regular Passat.
It just looks better….

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  1. If you want an upscale Passat, get a BMW. I owned a Passat for 4 years and to have to deal with the Volkswagen Service Department was a continuous source of aggravation. With the money I spent on service and non-warranty repairs, I could have afforded a BMW. Volkswagen quality is only skin deep.qnv

  2. What is with VW and pointless cars? They are cannibalizing sales left and right, whether its from VW itself or Audi. Make a decision, VW, and stick with it.

  3. I read it will only be 1400 bux more than a passat and its gonna kill that car in sales, why buy ugly when ya can get sexy !

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