Pontiac G8 GXP

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Even more power for the new pontiac.
This time they squeezed the Corvette engine in there and matched it to a 6 speed manual.

I really think this is just an image car. To show that Pontiac is serious about offering affordable performance oriented cars.
But by the time this 2009 model is out, gas might be well over $4 a gallon.
I thought the regular GT V8 might be numbered in the 1st place.

By the way, sorry about taking so long to publish my review of the G8 V8. I had some problems I had to deal with all week.
But don’t despair… It’s coming….

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  1. Those hood scoops are oh so tacky on such an otherwise handsome car. Good taste and stealthiness is much more desirable than shallow bravado.

    I hope the problems you’ve been dealing with will be ok, Vince. Best wishes.

  2. “I had some problems I had to deal with all week.”

    What’s her name?

    At least they are releasing this model well before 20010.

    Seriously, Pontiac is finally starting to become Pontiac. I would like to see a GMC Acadia-like Pontiac vehicle to compete with BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne.

  3. Nice car! Does anyone know if it will have cylinder deactivation? I think the GMC Deniali had the 6.2l with cylinder deactivation and variable valve timing.

    I hope things work out for you Vince. Looking forward to the review.

  4. As long as Dodge is making an SRT Charger and Challenger, so will the competition. Of course Ford is still sitting this one out, so GM is the only domestic going toe to toe.

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