Pontiac G8 Review coming up

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Real soon. I swear…

The San Diego ride was great and I met some really nice people from other blogs and magazines.

Is the G8 GT a real 4 door sports car?
Could it compete with some of the more expensive German models?
Is it much more car for the money than a loaded Camry or Accord?
Do all bloggers look like big nerds?

You’ll get all the answers, and much more in my review.

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  1. Do all bloggers look like big nerds?

    Ask yourself that stupid question. We really don’t know who you are. Maybe your Chinese.

  2. I am not sure about the tail lights. They cheapen the look. I would be interested in how it compares to the CTS. That would be easy for you Vince now that you are GM’s payroll….

  3. Well… All bloggers do not look like nerds, I can tell you that much.
    One of the girls there from another blog was stunning.

  4. which blog? who’s the blogger babe?

    Vince don’t leave us hangin’ like that unless she also left you hangin’, dude. Gotta share the wealth, man.

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