Pontiac G8 Sport Truck

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Well, isn’t this a modern day El Camino…
And it is coming to a dealer near you at the end of next year as a 20010 model. Really.

I always thought these were much more stylish and much less obnoxious than a pick up truck. And they will fit the bill for most light duty uses.
So why not…

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  1. It’s about f@#&in’ time. Thanks for showing a pic of my next car; I WILL buy one. God I hope they offer a manual transmission.

  2. You just had to have those nostrils didn’t you!, just like how you screwed up the Monaro coz you just HAD to have hoodscoops. Get your hands off your dicks for five minutes America.

  3. Light duty uses are the majority of truck buyers’ needs. Hell, I’d bet most truck drivers never haul anything but themselves. This makes more sense to drive around all the time than some gas hog. Of course GM will likely stick some monster engine in it so as not to harm the fragile truck-buyer ego.

    Back to square one.

  4. These should sell well…1000 lbs payload capacity…3500 lbs towing.

    The Subaru Baja did not sell well nore the Honda Ridgeline but maybe it is because those vehicles look to goofy/childish/cartoonish.

  5. “wow, that’s a really early 20010 model!”

    That’s bit of a wait…GM wants to make sure that it is reliable before they launch it. Speaking of launch, this thing flys in the air, right? The wheels are just for show.

  6. This will not sell, bringing this to America would be a huge mistake. It would sell even less than the previous Australian built GTO which was a FLOP. (There are two “new” ones still sitting on my closest dealers lot).

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