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This will be sold in Europe and marketed as a hatchback version of the popular Logan.
The Logan is popular because it is cheap, not good looking.
But somehow, driving the dorkiest car on the market has become almost cool.

No one knows about pricing right now. Most assume it will be a bit more than the sedan, but some guess it might be even less.
I guess this is strictly for the European customer who must have a new car at all cost. because I bet you could get a really nice 2 or 3 year old Focus or Astra for the price.
And this won’t be “new” forever.

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  1. A couple of corrections:
    1)Both this and the Logan are not only meant for Europe, but also for Latin America and other markets where there is a demand for low-price cars.
    2) No, you cannot get a 2 or 3 year old Focus or Astra for the price. The Logan is VERY cheap (€7600, which is about $11500), it is the cheapest car in Europe, cheaper even than a Smart. It would have to be a 7 or 8 year old Focus to be in the same price bracket. And that doesn’t sound that appealing, does it?
    I personlly praise Renult for showing that it is possible to build a car of this size, without compromising safety, and sell it at such affordable prices. That’s why the Logan is a success.

  2. if nissan is involved, and they are, you know it is a winner. nissan now builds what are regarded by industry insiders , such as myself, as the best all round car company for quality , style, and fun to drive factor. as well , they are a tremendous value.

  3. it is true, the logan is aimed at second world markets, such as russia or southern america. it came to europe by luck, as Carlos Goshn told Auto, Motor und Sport last week in an interview.

    The quality of the car surprised most car tester, compared to the price, dacia sells it. according to an automitive industy insider 8not me but s.o. official), the profit the make with each sold logan is comparable to the one they make with the megane, which would make the logan and its derivates the most important money maker for renault/nissan.

    now, back to the topic. the changed the rear doors, which make it really look as if it was intended to bee a hatchback, but the overall style is wrong. i like the long wheelbase – but have you seen the weird bow in the doors? not my taste. same for the headlights and the overall rear of the car.

    i also mentioned that the logo of dacia changed. wasn´t it a blue emblem with silver triangles before? or is this a concept car??
    your comment about a three year old focus/astra is correct. they are sold roughly around 10.000€ with an correspondent kilometre reading.

  4. I guess that industry “insiders” go to the e e cummings school of writing.

    How about inside dope, industry insider?

    Yeah, sure. I’ll die of old age first.

  5. Nissan is not involved in the Logan, and as an “industry insider”, you should know that. The Logan is based on older generations Renault chassis and engines.

  6. this car is already being sold in Brazil.. it costs a bit more than the Logan, but it’s MUCH cheaper than a Astra or Golf.. And it’s much roomier than other cars in its price!

  7. when it comes down to it, americans could never fathom the idea of a car like this when there are much nicer cars available on the market. i could search ebay right now and find like five used bmw 330Ci coupes at the same price i could pay for a new ford focus.

    hey, as long as it safely (and cleanly) mobilized people, i’m all for a car that gives the masses basic transportation

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